Selma van der Heiden

Where focus grows, energy flows.


Within the career profession I am strong in bringing more congruence and personal leadership. 

If what one feels, thinks and does is in line with how one acts and communicates towards his/her environment, then that comes across as strong, vital and powerful. This makes that organizations and the labor market know what to contact you for because it makes sense.

The other way around, this should of course also apply to organizations, that the outside and what we say we’re about and what our intentions are, also correspond with how we act internally with each other and that this is aligned with the intention of the organization.

Nowadays, I have over 15 years of experience in bringing perspective and movement. Resistance and stagnation become motivation to develop due to my guidance and it always brings movement. My style is direct, result-oriented, enthusiastic and compassionate. In this way I have coached hundreds of candidates. I am a certified Management Drives trainer (2021).


Congruence is a term in psychology. It means that a person's internal beliefs, strategies and behaviors (words, voice and body language) are completely consistently aligned towards achieving a certain goal. If someone is completely congruent, then what he or she does and communicates is completely consistent with what he or she believes. Be congruent. Dare to make choices. Take action. Add value. Enjoy!

Would you also like to get the same results as have all the people who have gone before you? 

  • Self confidence
  • Releasing old patterns, unconscious sabotage patterns, and barriers
  • Awareness, connection and alignment between your head, heart, soul, mouth & hands
  • Guts!
  • Make powerful choices for yourself
  • Fulfillment, Satisfaction and Connection 

1. VIP-DAY including preliminary interview and follow-up interview after two weeks. If you want quick results or an answer and do not want to follow an extensive coaching program, you can book a one-to-one VIP day with me. This day is completely tailored to you and in a short time you can make a difference in your personal life or in your work. Depending on your question, the following topics may apply:

  •  You learn to make the right choice in your career
  • You learn what makes you fascinating and how you can best position yourself with it
  • How you put your desire into action
  • Show leadership in who you are
  • Together we make a plan to manifest yourself further in the world.

2. The magic of finding your purpose! Is a 1-on-1 transformation program with a combination of powerful tools and strategies coming from the world of Coaching and Spirituality. You become who you are and who you want to be. I teach you how to find your true desire and how to live this. I help you through all your conscious and unconscious blockades. You may come across more than you expect, but we're going to get rid of them all. You get out of your head and into your heart. What does your heart really want? What do you want to let go of? What makes you really happy?

3. Development Advice (Subsidie NL Leert Door) As per August 1st 2020 there is subsidie available for Free Development advice/Career advice, partly due to the Covid-19 crisis. Do you want to use this chance? Register as soon as possible as the maximum number of candidates is 20.000.

Why do I do what I do? 

You don't get sick from working hard. You will get sick if you are working without any inspiration. Contained fire turnes inwards. I also kept my fire within and therefore my heart's desire for how I wanted to work and live. But now I can completely manifest my fire. There is no other way than living my truth. My head, heart and soul are aligned and now I experience that my strength automatically adds value and I no longer have to struggle so hard for it ... <3 

Whatever it is for you, you've come to the right place and you are most welcome!

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