Selma van der Heiden 

De basis van mijn coaching en trainingen maakt dat je weer lichter en krachtiger voorwaarts kunt gaan. Zo breng ik vastgelopen managers en medewerkers weer in beweging naar het optimaal benutten van de eigen talenten en kwaliteiten. Zo is er meer-waarde voor jezelf, elkaar, de organisatie en de klant.


I love getting out of bed to help people & teams in strength, while also continuously developing myself.

Sometimes you come to a point in your life where the beliefs and patterns on which you built the old, no longer serve you in the now. Then you get stuck. That's how I got stuck in my life and work. I started investigating what made me get stuck. Through family constellations and systemic work I was able to uncover, sense and transform obstructive thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations that I had adopted from my family of origin. Only when you have insight into this can you start to use your potential more fully. The result is more connection with yourself and the world around you.


If you always have to be someone you're not, you run the risk of getting stuck or even burnout. Hard work will not leave you empty. Working without inspiration will drain your energy. We often work as an escape because we don't really dare to enter into our inner world. Often we also work and live from old survival strategies and limiting beliefs. There is no other way for me than that of living my authentic truth in a way that what I feel, think, say & do are in line. I now experience that working from my authentic power makes me work much less hard and with more meaning!

My style is direct with humor, result-oriented, enthusiastic and compassionate. In this way I have already coached many candidates. I am a certified Management Drives & Spiral Dynamics Coach and Trainer and I have received an inspired coaching training at Hoogendijk. I am certified in Family constellation and systemic work. As an HR Business Partner I also understand how organizations work as systems and I sometimes bring that organizational and employer perspective to my clients.


  • Understanding yourself and the people around you better.
  • More peace and love in yourself and in the world around you.
  • Getting to know your own talents & qualities and using your potential.
  • Gain insight into your limiting thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.
  • Breaking free from old patterns, unconscious sabotage patterns, and obstacles.
  • Get out of your head and into your body and align what you think, feel and say.
  • Make powerful choices for yourself.
  • Movement, curiosity, mildness, a clear course and energy on the way.

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