Selma van der Heiden 

Voor mens en teams in kracht - Energy flows where attention goes

"I empower people, teams and organizations by providing insight into yourself and the other person. The result is that as a person, team and organization you know what to do! This way you can offer better results and more value together with more job satisfaction."


Hard work doesn't drain your energy, working without inspiration does. A pound of bird does not fly without feathers. Withheld fire strikes inwards. I kept my fire, my heart longings about how I wanted to live and work to myself for a long time. Fortunately, nowadays, my fiery power can be lived wholeheartedly and out in the open! There is no other way than that of living my truth, in which my head, hands, heart and soul are on the same page. Nowadays, I experience that working from my own strengths gives me wings and adds value. And the best part is; It doesn't cost me that much energy anymore!


I have over 15 years of experience in bringing perspective and movement. Resistance and stagnation become motivation to develop due to my guidance and it always brings movement. My style is direct, result-oriented, enthusiastic and compassionate. In this way I have coached many candidates in leadership or young adult development. I am a certified Management Drives trainer (2021) and am a certified coach.


Congruence means that a person's internal beliefs, strategies and behaviors (words, voice and body language) are completely consistently aligned towards achieving a certain goal. If someone is completely congruent, then what he or she does and communicates is completely consistent with what he or she believes. So: Be congruent. Dare to make choices. Take action. Add value. Enjoy!


  • Leadership development: Understand yourself and the people around you and develop leadership behaviour
  • Releasing old patterns, unconscious sabotage patterns, and barriers
  • Awareness, connection and alignment between your head, heart, soul, mouth & hands
  • courage to Make powerful choices for yourself
  • Fulfillment, Satisfaction and Connection 

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