Selma van der Heiden

Where focus grows, energy flows.

Where focus grows, energy flows.

"Selma helps build successful cultures by offering workshops in organizations, including planning & implementation. With this, she makes a substantial contribution to more positive energy in organizations."

I discovered a common thread in all the organizations I have worked in: We impose changes on people, and do not include everyone in those changes. This creates a lot of resistance, energy loss in the organization and organization goals are not achieved. Change happens in the magic of the "in between". Right then organizations should use the wisdom of the collective to make better decisions together.

With my programs, organizations build success cultures and achieve because the energy of teams is bundled in a direction towards better performance in their organization goals. The energy this adds to organizations, by pointing all noses in the same direction so that goals can be achieved, is the reason for customers to choose Selma. 

For whom?

Selma focuses on departments and teams based in NL within both SMEs and large corporates. 


The elephant became my personal power metaphor. I often come across her unexpectedly to help explain reason, feeling and path. If we want to change things, we must not only show the path, but also appeal to the elephant and the rider. The driver gives you the planning and direction. The elephant gives you the energy! The essence of my work is; how do you get an elephant in development and movement ?! In other words; how do you get positive dynamics and movement? Well, based on intrinsic motivation. And if you don't want to get involved, you can always honestly make another choice right? I believe that everyone always has direction and perspective, I help clarify.

Project experience

Continuous improvement teams - Kaizen - Restructuring - Team development - Performance Cycle - Learning & Development - Feedback - Absence & Conflict management - Coaching

More info:

I enjoy working with and for customers who:

  • Find that a sense of meaningful connection and energy is a precondition for cooperation and where trust in, and attention to, careful processes is considered important. 
  • Have the courage and the desire to sincerely enter into a dialogue with oneself and others about congruence and also want to help create a safe setting for these dialogues.
  • Want to invest time and energy in personal growth and development and in an action-oriented way, not only continuing to dream and desire, but also in movement and (co) creation. A deal is a deal, especially with yourself, but also with others. 

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