Selma van der Heiden

Where focus grows, energy flows.


As a child I was already able to zoom in and out in (family) systems. In my youth and further grown-up life, I was always more sensitive to 'what was under water'. Sad events in the family system that I come from had the consequence that I often put myself outside systems or acted against systems. Nowadays I am able to practice my kind of schizophrenic talent, as a change professional and from an organizational change perspective.

Every day I feel my 'lust for life' and I want to be able to experience everything in it with presence. This means while sometimes facing inconveniences and the darker sides of life, I will always shape new horizons and manifest my dreams by making plans towards manifesting them…

Only when we have the courage to dare to show more of ourselves, will we fully live our potential. This leads to more meaning, connection, positive energy and better results. Yet we often feel the need to censor ourselves and / or to hold up our masks as a kind of armor against discomfort. Because of this, a lot of energy and talent gets lost. We can change this for the better! It requires us to show more humanity. In our personal lives, in organizations and in the world.

Studies show that organizational changes, and with that the successes of organizations, are being destroyed due to a lack of attention for cultural change. With 45 years of life wisdom and more than 15 years of HR experience, I qualified myself in personal leadership and studied both the learning person and the learning organization. In all the organizations where I worked, I discovered a red line: We impose changes on people, and do not include everyone in those changes, which creates a lot of resistance, the energy in the organization breaks down and organization goals are not achieved. 

"Organizational culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch & dinner so don't leave it unattended!" ~ Peter Drucker brings energy to organizations by co-creating culture awareness programs.  It offers a platform as a source of knowledge and inspiration with solutions to work together on organizational and personal development in co-creation.

My personal power metaphor is the elephant. I often come across her unexpectedly to help explain reason, feeling and path. If we want to change things, we must not only show the path, but also appeal to the elephant and the rider. The driver gives you the planning and direction. The elephant gives you the energy! The essence of my work is; how do you get an elephant in development and movement ?! In other words; how do you get positive dynamics and movement? Well, based on intrinsic motivation. And if you don't want to get involved, you can always honestly make another choice right? I believe that everyone always has direction and perspective, I like to help clarify ... 

Project experience

Continuous improvement teams - Kaizen - Restructuring - Team development - Performance Cycle - Learning & Development - Feedback - Absence & Conflict management - Coaching

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I enjoy working with and for customers who:

• Set a sense of connection, chemistry and energy as conditions for cooperation.

• Have the guts and the desire to sincerely engage in dialogue with themselves and others.

• Want to invest time and energy in personal growth and development.

• Want to experiment with new insights in order to get more out of themselves, lives and / or work. 

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